This Blog Is Closed… FOREVER!

While this blog is closed, check out our website at This is our old/current site, but we are working on our new website at the moment and will have another blog up and running. There you will find our news updates as well as some of the content you’ve seen here.

Stay tuned…

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DLC: Do You Purchase It For Your Games?

This post is mostly to spark conversation about DLC. Also I haven’t had a blog post in a while and figured it was time that I wrote at least a little something. So do you purchase DLC?

There are many reasons that I do not purchase DLC (outside of a few exceptions) but I am only going to outline a few.

Most DLC is ridiculously overpriced! In this case, my biggest example is the Call of Duty series. There are so many content releases this year for MW3 that it just seems ridiculous to pay as much as you paid for the game (if not more) just for the DLC. I understand there are a lot of hardcore CoD players out there, but if you are like me and have a huge genre of games to play across multiple platforms, it just isn’t worth it. I’m going to get more play out of a discounted game I purchase for $14.99 than I am going to get out of one DLC pack. Not to mention when the next Call of Duty comes out, I’ll be playing that, as well as other titles I picked up over the year, which renders my DLC useless.

Most DLC lacks content for the price. In racing games, you may pay upwards of $5 for a single vehicle. Maybe $10 for a pack of four vehicles. Is it really worth it? Does it really expand your game play that much that this is needed DLC? This is another type of DLC that I can get by without. Take GT5 for insane; there are enough vehicles in this game to keep me busy for the lifespan of the game. While new vehicles are cool, I just can’t see purchasing them. In your FPS games you usually only get 2-4 maps for about $15. Personally I would rather spend this on a game that has been out for a year that is still on my “To Play” list.

Most content to me doesn’t seem to have a lot of replay-ability. Again using the famous CoD as a reference, I can’t see spending that much on content when a new game is going to be released in one year. I have plenty of other games to play during the year so why do I need extra content when I probably won’t get my moneys-worth out of it? A couple cars in a racing game? Doubt I will use those ever again. New weapons? Isn’t there usually enough to begin with?

Maybe it’s just me being a #CheapAssGamer but I think that these are pretty legitimate arguments. I understand that for some people this may not be the case. The hardcore CoD, GT5, Forza, [insert other game here] gamers will purchase this DLC because it is all they play morning, noon and night. That makes complete sense. Most of the gamers I know like to try new games (or old for that matter), new genres or even other things not related to video games.

All that being said, there are a couple of instances where I have gotten DLC.

Brink – Free DLC that I definitely got my use out of and still use

Homefront – $9.98 spent; I played this game enough to get the use out of it however the community has died down so now there are only (limited) players in the base game

Just Cause 2 – $5.99 I purchased the game and all the DLC for this price; this was worth it considering the game without the DLC was only $2 or so cheaper

CoD MW3 – As much as I hate to admit to it, I was really addicted to this for a while there after about a month of playing nothing but MW3 I purchased an ELITE subscription on eBay for about $40; now that I have other games to play I find that I hardly play even the base game anymore which means my DLC is essentially useless; I definitely will not be purchasing CoD DLC ever again

So my short post turned into a semi-lengthy one. I’m okay with that though. So I guess my question to you is not only whether or not you purchase DLC for your games, but also what games did you purchase (or not purchase) for and why? Do you regret it?

Post in the comments section below.

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DLGC End of Year… Oh, and Duetschbag’s Game Count!

First off, from my family and community to yours, I hope everyone had a wonderful 2011! More so, I hope everyone has an even better 2012! I just wanted to take the time to talk about what the DLGC has accomplished this year as well as a personal note from me.

In regards to the community, we purchased our domain this year and currently have our somewhat of a website up ( Our forums are being hosted and are practically ready for communications and our (currently private) Minecraft server is coming along great. Much of this would not have been possible without one of our most active members, Andrew Belonger. To that, I say thank you sir! Your efforts are very much appreciated! The last thing, which is what brings us all together in this community, is that many, many games have been played and enjoyed by all. 2011 was a great year in gaming. I won’t get into all of the great titles that were released this year, but if you follow the AAA releases, you know that this was one heck of a year! Thanks to all the people who have made the gaming experience this year a memorable one!

This brings me to my last part of this post. Since 2011 was such a great year for gaming, I purchased A LOT of games! Because of this, I thought it would be fun to do a segment at the end of each year tallying up all of the games that I own. To do this, I decided that I would only do full releases (no expansions or DLC) and only on my most current generation systems, including PC. Keep in mind, this is not a total from this year alone, but a running total of purchased games throughout the (current) years. Without further ado, here are the numbers as well as a breakdown of how I came up with the number.

Steam: 85

Capsule: 4

Onlive: 1

Games For Windows: 1

PC Install Directory: 100

Wii: 1

PS3 Physical Copies: 36

PS3 Downloaded: 31

End of 2011 Total: 259

Wow! That is a lot of games! Anyway, I hope you all had a great season on and off the battlefield. I hope to see you all on the forums and can’t wait to enjoy another year gaming with you all!


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Sony Limits Downloads to Two Consoles

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This topic is based on a post from post titled: PlayStation game downloads to be limited to two consoles By: Jim Sterling


“For the past few years, gamers have been allowed to activate their accounts on up to five PlayStation consoles, allowing for the easy sharing of content. This ease was readily exploited by gamers who would use shared accounts to nab free games, and Sony’s decided to put a stop to it. 

Beginning November 18, accounts may only be activated on two systems as opposed to five. This new limitation affects both the PS3 and PSP, as it will the PlayStation Vita when that machine launches. 

Sony says that the new restriction is in place to “protect the rights of content providers.” However, a number of gamers are already unhappy with the new law, accusing Sony of enforcing unfair DRM and stomping on consumer rights. There are also worries about gamers who end up with multiple broken or lost devices, and whether they could access their content in future. 

It’s an issue with several sides. On the one hand, I can see Sony wanting to protect its game sales, but on the other side — is it much different from lending a physical game to a bunch of friends? What do you reckon? Is Sony being unreasonable, or should consumers stop whining?”

My Response:

I can see this as being troublesome for users who have more than two systems in the household. For them, the situation sucks! However, in my experience this is usually not the case. I also have not heard of anyone (that I know at least) sharing accounts to gain benefit, but obviously it is out there.

For the people who are accusing Sony of doing something wrong by enacting this, how about blaming the people that ruined it for everyone? Some people may have legitimate use for this (ex. multiple consoles in the household) and then there are those who use it to benefit by logging into another account and playing a game which they have not purchased like they should. The people using it to benefit themselves should be the ones that are punished for it. But then Sony has to determine who is doing it, then there are wrongful accusations, then they have to listen to customers complain/fight (even if the customer is in the wrong) and in the end, people still get away with it.

This kind reminds me slightly of being a kid again. Adults always say to (usually a collective group of) kids something along the lines of “If you don’t follow the rules, you don’t get any desert!” Well, thanks to people abusing the system, we no longer get our desert.

If purchasing games is really that difficult for you, maybe you need to pick up a part time job or change your spending habits so your can support your gaming habit. A PS Plus account is cheap considering all of the free content you get. Why not give that a try? Sure there aren’t any A-list games on there for free, but at least you can still game for a low cost. Also renting is another option in most cases.

For the people who have more than two consoles, I understand the frustration. To everyone else, I don’ t feel bad at all.

For the full post on Destructoid, and other people’s comments, click the following link:

– Duetschbag

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Uncharted and Uncharted 2 for cheap*!

*Assuming you have one of the two games already.

As some of you may know, the Uncharted Dual Pack is on sale right now at Best Buy for $24.99. I recently just discovered this wonderful series when I bought the original Uncharted for $14 and change. I would definitely like to get Uncharted 2, but not for the mid to high twenty’s price tag that comes along with it, especially since Uncharted 3 is just around the corner. For those of you who are like me and would rather save money than worry about the number of games in your collection or whether your cases are red or not, I have just the solution for you.

Amazon will give you $12.15 on trade-in for Uncharted (as of today) and between $12 and $16 for Uncharted 2 (depending on your version). While the money isn’t going into your pocket, it comes back in Amazon gift card form. Don’t tell me you can’t find anything you want on Amazon! Amazon also provides free shipping on your trade in, so there is no additional cost! Essentially, this makes the price of the Best Buy package nearly half of the $24.99 price tag.

You may be saying “what about the original cost of my game?” Well, in my case, I only payed roughly $14 for Uncharted and obviously this wont be the case for everyone. But in my situation, I am losing out on about $2 on the trade. $2 that was well worth the play through! With the $2 loss compared the amount saved on the purchase of the dual pack, I can’t complain. In fact, I am very excited to get my hands on Uncharted 2. Who knows, I may even play through the original a couple more times. Hopefully this will help some of you out, or maybe even push others towards the series as it is a truly amazing experience.

– DuetschBag


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I am out sick today from work and I am very new to WordPress so getting this blog up and running was a bit irritating! Well, it’s done now anyway.

Just sending this out as another test to make sure the blog posts head over to Twitter.

Time for a nap and then hopefully some website work.

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